Info about Kili trek

For the potential participants

Of course it’s great if you’re going to hike to the top of the Kilimanjaro! However, you should keep in mind that you have to pay the cost of the flight and the trek all the way, and also try to get as much sponsorship as possible. This is what we ask from everyone who is involved, so it applies also to me.

The bigger the group, the lower the cost for the trek (with guide). Connecting to people in another group (i.e. with unknowns) is also possible. However, calculate the maximum amount of costs, € 3,000, – including flight, 3 nights hotel, 7 days fully guided and equipped trek with breakfast, lunch and dinner

Every participant will book the flight for themselves and is responsible for the travel and cancellation insurance. Stichting Creatief Hart will coordinate the group registration for the trek.


Sign in before the 30st of November 2017!

After that we will see how many participants have signed in and we will schedule a date for an information meeting. If we go as a group, we will discuss about the best time we should go. However, the aim is to do the trek in Mid 2018. There are certain periods in which the mountain can not be climbed due to the weather. The best time to climb the Kilimanjaro is from mid January to mid March and from August to mid October. Especially in the last mentioned period there is hardly no rain expected and clear weather. You will be busy with the whole trek for about 10-12 days: flight, arrival and settling, the trek from 6 to 7 days and then a rest day. Flying directly to your home country or wherever you go, is not recommended. Of course, you can decide to add a nice safari afterwards.

If there are participants who want to climb the Kilimanjaro as a “Charity trek” for the foundation of Creative Heart, but do not want to join me and others or rather would like to climb in another period, of course that is also a possibility. Make a notification of that and we will send the necessary information to set up a fundraise as a helping hand.

Climbing on your own risk

Are you aware that there is a chance that you may get altitude sickness and that it could be really though (very cold, sometimes difficult/dangerous to climb)? If not, we will inform you about it. Take time and acclimatize (take rest day during the hike) is the most important thing. Therefore, I will not take the shortest route but one where the chance of achieving the top and in healthy condition is the highest. The tour will be done with a guide and there are carriers who carry tents (for all the material will be taken care of, and you don’t have to cook yourself). You do not need climbing ropes or anything like that. Of course other good hiking shoes and clothes are required. More information can be obtained after registration.


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