I, Dewi, am going to do this physical challenge! The goal is not only to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro but in particular to raise money in favor of stichting Creatief Hart (Creative Heart Foundation).

Are you the enthusiastic person who wants to sponsor me?

A lot of money is needed, but it is therefore a great project with sustainable benefits for these children on a social, social and economic level. Therefore, I hope, and possibly with others, with this physical challenge I can raise money and that this project can be fully realized.

A tough challenge: climbing the Kilimanjaro

When in 2018: Departure: 2nd of October, start climb: 2nd of October
Route: Lemosho Route

This fundraising trek is finished. See photos on Facebook for a great impression. Dewi thanks everyone who sponsored her! Raised money: € 1.080,-

Why I do this

As a founder and chairman of this foundation, I would like to contribute in a challenging manner to the Foundations goals, even if it is a very tough challenge. Whenever I’m on one of the projects in Indonesia, and I see the children with physical or mental disabilities – the target audience of the foundation – sometimes struggle and try to shift their own physical limits, I’m so grateful that I am physically healthy. I want to make good use of that. The foundation is currently setting up a “Creative Educational Center” in Lovina, Bali. You will read everything on this page (in Dutch):

The Kilimanjaro, located in the Kilimanjaro region in the north east of Tanzania, is a 60-kilometer 80-kilometer mountain massif that is formed by three stratovolcans, approximately 3 degrees south of the equator. The Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and is listed at number 4, of the seven highest mountains of each continent (seven summits). The mountain is 5,895m above sea level and is the highest “detached” mountain in the world.

Will it be a heavy climb? Yes, but how exciting is that. In November 2016, I reached the base camp of Mount Everest through 3 mountain passes, with the highest point at 5,535m. That was quite limiting, I thought. Now I’m going to shift my boundaries again. Up to the 5,895m! It seems a relatively small difference but do not mistaken, at this level it’s a bit different because of the thin air.

How the trek progresses will be as surprising for me as for everyone else, but I am certain to encounter the following along my path: long hours of hiking every day through a harsh environment, defying my fear of heights, getting along with the cold and thin air, having no comfortable sleeping places, simple meals and no luxury showers, and last but not least, facing considerable muscle aches….for 6-7 days.

But I know why I do this!

I am really not doing it for nothing

How unnecessary it is if these children are tucked away in a corner. With creative education the Creative Heart Foundation wants to ensure that children with a physical or mental disability get a place in the Indonesian society and economy. Also for the parents it is very important to see that their disabled child can really be someone. How unnecessary it is when these children are tucked away in a corner. Every child deserves a chance and a colorful life!

If you support me, you certainly will support the children of Indonesia, who are living daily with physical or mental impairment.

I thank you for your financial contribution* in advance!

Kind regards,

*You sponsor for the charity of the foundation and not for the Kilimanjaro trek or the flight because they are fully paid by myself.