Everest the hard way: A Mount Everest Base Camp Trek via 3 high passes

Start:  15 November 2016/ends: 1 December 2016

This fundraising trek is finished. It was very succesful climb. See here the pictures.
Raised money: € 1.080,50

I, Dewi, am going to do this physical challenge! The goal is not only to reach the Everest Base Camp along a non-standard route over 3 high passes, but in particular to raise funds in favor of stichting Creatief Hart (Creative Heart Foundation).

Why I do it

Whenever I am in Indonesia working on projects for the Foundation, I see that children with physical and mental disabilities – the focus group – often really struggle but still try to push their own physical limits. I am grateful that I am physically healthy and I would like to make good use of it and also try to push my physical limits.

One of the goals of the Foundation is to create “Creative Social Centers” to expand the scope of current projects and offer creative education to a lot more children with a physical or mental disability in Indonesia. These children have the need for self-fulfillment, want to be appreciated and recognized and they have, like every other child, the right to these essential needs. In order to develop “Creative Social Centers”, funds are required to provide a proper space and supplies for carrying out art lessons, and to hire qualified, creative and patient teachers who are ambitious to work with children with disabilities.

With this physical challenge I would like to raise funds to support the Creative Heart Foundation in getting closer to realize “Creative Social Centers” in Indonesia.

What the Foundation needs is you: An enthusiastic sponsor!

How I do it

My aim is to reach Mount Everest Base Camp (5367m) following a more strenuous, non-standard trekking route, via 3 Himalayan mountain passes (Renjo-La at 5,360m, Cho-La at 5,380m and Kongma-La at 5,535m). At Everest Base Camp climbers are preparing for the ascent of Mount Everest to 8848m – I am obviously not going as high as the summit, but high enough. See here the routemap: ebc_3-passes_trek. The highest point I would like to reach is located over 5500m. That is definitely not an easy hike and it will certainly be challenging.

How the trek progresses will be as surprising for me as for everyone else, but I am certain to encounter the following along my path: long hours of hiking every day through a harsh environment, defying my fear of heights, getting along with the cold and thin air, having no comfortable sleeping places, simple meals and no luxury showers, and last but not least, facing considerable muscle aches….for 19 days. But I know why and for whom I do this!

I am really not doing it for nothing

Creative education fits well within the physical therapy process. For the children, the projects of Foundation Creative Heart have already proven successful in showing that creative education contributes to:

  • Positive effects on increasing fine motor skills
  • Improvement of concentration and focus
  • Learning together
  • Self-development
  • Feeling of appreciation and recognition
  • Increasing self-reliance
  • Increasing confidence
  • Learning to generate their own income

With creative education the Creative Heart Foundation wants to ensure that children with a physical or mental disability get a place in the Indonesian society and economy. Also for the parents it is very important to see that their disabled child can really be someone. How unnecessary it is when these children are tucked away in a corner. Every child deserves a chance and a colorful life!

So, when you support me, you support Foundation Creative Heart

I thank you for your financial contribution in advance!

Kind regards,